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Best Brinno Camera – Time Lapse and Security Video

One of the top names in time lapse and security cameras is Brinno. Around 2009, Brinno used their background in design and tech to develop a range of time lapse cameras aimed at both the business and leisure market. They have since expanded their range, introducing motion detection security cameras.

Brinno is a popular choice for construction sites, not only for security, but also to record time lapse video of the construction process. Whether you want a camera for security or to create content, Brinno has the products you need. The only difficult decision is choosing which Brinno camera is best for you.


Types of Brinno Cameras

Time Lapse Camera

Brinno started out manufacturing time lapse cameras and they haven’t stopped innovating. Two of their most popular time lapse cameras are the TLC2000 and TLC200Pro. Each time lapse camera has its unique features – whether it’s an interchangeable lens, wide angle view or long battery life.

Time lapse cameras are predominantly used outdoors, so Brinno also offers weather resistant covers.

Peephole Camera

Security around the home and office is easily solved with Brinno’s peephole camera. This discrete, motion activated camera can be fitted to your door, replacing the traditional peephole. The unit is portable (no cables needed for power), so it can also be fitted to a wall near your front or back door.

Outdoor Security Camera

Brinno’s range of outdoor security cameras feature motion detection and time lapse capabilities. Their battery life can last up to 14 months. These cameras really are set and forget. The MAC200DN model is wire/cable free, making it fully portable.


Benefits of security and time lapse cameras

On construction sites, video surveillance is a must. Construction sites use video recording to monitor the construction progress and solve disputes. Also, a time lapse video of the construction process creates great online content. Using a Brinno time lapse camera, you can record months of footage without having to change the batteries. If you do need to review the footage, you can play it back at the speed you want.

Video cameras also help prevent building site theft and vandalism. A perimeter fence isn’t enough of a deterrent for most criminals, so it’s up to site supervisors to capture the crooks in the act. The rate of theft has got so bad in Western Australia that the WA Police recently created a tailored crime management program to combat building site theft.

The increase in home shopping means more home deliveries. Unfortunately, you can’t always be there when your products arrive. Having a second set of eyes constantly monitoring your home will not only act as a huge deterrent for thieves but should a delivery not arrive as intended – you’ll have all the evidence you need.

Benefits of a Brinno Camera

Easy to set up and operate

While Brinno are well regarded for their technology, it’s the user-friendly nature of their products that is a real attraction. Select what mode you want to record in, press start and you’re away.

Being a battery operated unit, Brinno cameras have no additional cables and require no external power. This means they can be set up anywhere. The Brinno camera has also been built to give you plenty of battery life. Depending on the batteries you choose and the model you use, you can get anywhere from two to fourteen months recording from one set of batteries.

Instant playback

Other cameras can take time lapse photography, but you often have to combine the images to make a time lapse video. If you want your video instant and ready to view, Brinno does it all for you.

Weather resistant and dust proof

Brinno is built for the building site. Tough, no fuss and won’t let anything stop it from doing its job – especially not a little bad weather. You can select a weather resistant housing to fit over your camera and it won’t affect the quality of the images.

To see the full Brinno range, visit Leederville Cameras’ online store. If you have any enquiries you can contact our team or call in and see us at 201 Oxford Street, Leederville.

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