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RODE VideoMic Pro – How to get pitch-perfect recording

The boom in online videos is showing no signs of slowing down. As long as the public continues to demand video content, it will continue to grow. And it’s not just for the select few, everyone is publishing videos right now. For those in business, it’s no longer an optional extra, it’s essential. But there’s one thing that expert and amateur video makers often forget when making videos – the audio.

When it comes to making videos, sound plays a crucial role. If your viewer can’t hear what you’re saying they won’t hang around for long. One product that can help you produce pitch-perfect, crystal-clear sound every time is the RODE VideoMic Pro.

Let’s take a look at how this inexpensive but highly effective product can transform your online videos.

Which RODE VideoMic is best?


RODE VideoMics have become the go-to audio recorder for vloggers, videographers and filmmakers. With their high-quality recording and affordable price tag, both amateur and professionals love to use them. RODE has a range of video microphones to select from, so now the only challenge is working out which RODE VideoMic is best for you.

Some of their popular RODE products include:


The smallest and most affordable in their VideoMic range, the VideoMicro is super compact and lightweight. It goes well with small DLSRs, compact cameras (i.e. GoPro) and smartphones.

VideoMic GO 

Also lightweight and very easy to operate, the VideoMic GO is suitable for vloggers and filmmakers on the go. It works best for recording dialogue, voice-overs or when used with a boom pole.


This is the first of its kind and the reason why the VideoMic range is all the rage these days. It is compact but a tad heavier. It offers users more options, with a highly flexible gain pad and high-pass filter that give users more control.

VideoMic Pro

Considered the industry standard for on-camera mics, the RODE VideoMic Pro is one of RODE’s top sellers as it works efficiently for recording both primary and reference audio. Featuring a professional-grade microphone, the VideoMic Pro is also lightweight so it works great as a boom mic.

VideoMic Pro+ 

The VideoMic Pro+ is a high-end microphone. It has all the features of the VideoMic Pro plus some excellent features pros love. It’s suitable for recording out in the field, a studio or anywhere else without compromising sound quality.

VideoMic NTG

The RODE VideoMic NTG is a convenient, affordable, versatile shotgun microphone designed for use with mobile devices, cameras and computers.

Stereo VideoMic X

For the ultimate in professional quality, the Stereo VideoMic X is the ideal choice. This pocket rocket microphone comes with a range of features including a shock mounting system that prevents vibrations should the microphone be bumped or knocked.  

How to use a RODE VideoMic Pro

The RODE VideoMic Pro is highly versatile and suitable for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders for producing primary and reference audio.

The rear face of the RODE VideoMic Pro features the power, filter and level controls. Aside from the mic’s native 40Hz-20kHz response, you’ll find a selectable high-pass filter at 80Hz designed to prevent the inadvertent recording of low-end noise, such as a running air conditioner or background traffic.

You can use the level settings to attenuate or boost the recorded level based on your production requirements.

Why choose RODE as your video microphone?

RODE microphones have captured the interest of both professional and beginner filmmakers, videographers and content producers because of their:

Durability – RODE video microphones are described as virtually indestructible because of their thermoplastic suspension structure.

Quality output – All RODE video microphones feature professional-grade Rycote Lyre shock mounting for superior noise reduction.

Versatile – They all come with standard accessories, making them suitable for various types of recording environments.

Where to buy a RODE VideoMic Pro

The RODE brand is an Australian original, and the best place to get a RODE VideoMic Pro in Perth is at Leederville Cameras – another Australian native that’s been looking after photographers and videographers for over 30 years.

Leederville Cameras has all the equipment and advice you need to start creating professional videos.  Contact the team at Leederville Cameras and start building your online presence.

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