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Top 5 Camera Lenses Every Photographer Needs

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, every photographer needs a decent variety of camera lenses. One of the keys to successful photography is to always be prepared. You must be ready to capture subjects near and far without hesitation. With a little help from some seasoned photography experts, we’ve narrowed down the selection of must-have lenses.

To know which lenses are perfect for you, you’ll need to work out what type of photographer you are. Do you like to get up close to your subject or capture the action from a distance? Whichever way you like to snap your subject, here are the top five camera lenses every photographer needs.

1. Standard Camera Lenses

A standard lens with a focal length up to 50mm is ideal if you are new to photography. Standard lenses are a great all-rounder option and can be used for everything from portraits and street photography to landscapes. The standard lens delivers natural-looking photographs – similar to what the human eye sees. They often have a wide aperture making them a good choice for indoor and low light photography.

  • Similar perspective to what the human eye sees
  • Performs well in low light conditions
  • Small and light making them an ideal all-day lens

2. Wide Angle Camera Lenses

Wide angle camera lenses

Wide-angle lenses are anything below 40mm, preferably 30mm or 24mm, and are designed to fit more into the frame from the shortest distance. The lower the focal length on your camera lenses, the more detail you can fit into the frame. However, since 30mm camera lenses may cause some distortion, it is not the best option for individual portraits. Instead, it can be great for shooting in cramped interiors, large group shots or landscapes. 

  • Captures more of the image from a close range
  • Create a greater sense of depth in your photos
  • Offers a good balance between the subject and the background

3. Prime Camera Lenses

If you are looking for camera lenses that can capture moving objects, a good prime lens with a fixed focal length of 50mm or more is an excellent choice. This compact and uncomplicated lens doesn’t zoom which is why it helps you capture moving objects without any blurring. Prime lenses also perform great in low light conditions. 

  • More compact than a zoom lens
  • Captures sharp images
  • Less complicated to operate

4. Telephoto Camera Lenses

Telephoto camera lenses

Telephoto lenses have longer focal lengths, which helps to magnify the subject and take crisp pictures from a distance. They also offer background blur options to maximise the focus on the object. The range of telephoto lenses start from 60mm and go all the way up to 800mm. Since these lenses are quite bulky, it is recommended you use a tripod to ensure your pictures remain crisp. A telephoto lens is most suitable for wildlife photography, sports photography and astronomy.

  • Take clear photos from a distance
  • Ideal for wildlife and sports photography
  • Background blurring to enhance the subject of your photo

5. All-Purpose Camera Lenses

While a seasoned photographer may not want an all-purpose lens, a beginner will love its ability to shoot a variety of scenes. The all-purpose lens will generally have a range of 24mm-105mm (or anywhere in between). If you’re buying a camera kit, an all-purpose lens may come as a part of the kit. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s the perfect lens if you only have room for one lens.

  • Allows you to capture a variety of scenes
  • Don’t have to switch lenses as often
  • Great lens for beginners

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Camera Lenses - Perth

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