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Dahua TPC-M40 400×300 Thermal Monocular 25mm – Tan

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With over 30 Years experience In the photographic industry

M60 captures sharp thermal imaging at a fast framerate for smooth,
impeccable vision of running targets and moving vehicles.
Designed to increase situational awareness at any time of day, M40
can detect humans, animals, and objects in complete darkness, haze,
or through glaring light, equipping law enforcement professionals,
hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts with reliable thermal imaging in tough

Advanced Image Processing
Designed to be precise, this thermal camera produces vivid video
images through its enhanced detector and Dahua-developed image
processing algorithm.
Video Ranging
With its hassle-free distance measurement feature, simply mark
the top and bottom of a target on the screen, and the interface will
automatically display the distance of the target from the monocular.
Fire Detection
Fire detection is now available for the first time with this monocular
through Dahua’s core technology. The monocular can automatically
detect fires that break out in the scene and track them in real time.
Simultaneous Multi-user Connections
Multiple phones can connect to the monocular through the Wi-Fi at
the same time. Through the mobile phone, you can watch the live view,
capture images, record videos and configure parameters.
Diopter Adjustment
By using the diopter adjustment knob, the monocular can be set to
match the eyesight of different users, ensuring that each user sees a clear

Vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane detector.
· Ultra-low power consumption.
· Fire detection and alarm.
· Connects to the mobile app through Wi-Fi.
· Connects to the external display through the CVBS port.
· Provides a laser for aiming.
· Calculates distance using video analysis.
· Lightweight and portable.
· IP67 rated.

Laser Eye Protection
The laser pointer is used to indicate a position. To protect the eyes from
being injured, the laser pointer is automatically disabled after 10 seconds.

Portable and Low Power Consumption
With its small and lightweight design, it functions for longer periods while
remaining fully charged, making long-term outdoor use more convenient.


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