$ 269.00
Two Hour One On One Camera Course with Adrian Cooper

Hi, my name is Adrian and I am an imaging consultant at Leederville Cameras. You can visit me in person most days in the store upstairs in the imaging department, where my colleagues and I are keen to help you with your printing needs and ideas. I have been working with photography and imaging for several years, in a variety of disciplines. I specialise in Macro, Wildlife and Landscape photography, and i am very passionate about my craft.

I primarily use Canon equipment, both in Full Frame and APS-C, with a wide variety of lenses from Macro, to Wide angle and Telephoto. I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom every day to help me take my photos from the lens to the printer and beyond. The best advice i have for those new to the discipline, is to experiment. Everyone knows that Photography is all about "rules", and they are rules for a reason - but the best photos you will take are when you learn how to bend and even break those rules to your advantage.

A member of our staff will contact you to organise date and time after your booking has been processed.

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