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UV MRC nano XS-Pro

The B+W UV Mrc nano and XS-Pro filters Pro filters are perfect protection for the expensive front element of your camera or zoom lens from grime or other harmful substances (such as finger prints) which could scratch and permanently damage lenses.

The B+W XS Pro MrC 007 Nano Clear NC Camera Filter or B+W XS Pro 010 UV NC Mrc camera filters fills the need of many HD digital photographers and HD Cinema Cinematographers. A slim pure Schott Glass lens protection NC “no color” no color shift or filter effects. The B+W XS Pro 77 mm Mrc Nano 007 clear filters or UV Nano #66-1066125 Mrc UV XS Pro filters are both are perfect to keep away from the expensive front element of your prime or zoom lens dirt, sand, or other harmful substances (finger prints).
The clear B+W 77 mm XS Pro Mrc 007 or XS 77mm Pro 010 UV Schott glass MRC Nano camera filter and other sizes up to 86mm mounts have 99.5% light transmission.
– See more at: http://www.2filter.com/prices/B+W_filters/BWXSProfilters.html#sthash.5CjrJOPx.dpuf

The B+W filters are popular with many HD digital photographers and HD cinematographers, these types of filters provide a slim Schott Glass lens protection of NC “no colour” no colour shift or filter effects.

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