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Lomography HP620 Diana Baby 110 Camera with 12mm Lens Kit (Teal and Black)

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Lomography HP620 Diana Baby 110 Camera with 12mm Lens Kit (Teal and Black)

  • 110 Film Camera
  • 24mm and 12mm Interchangeable Lenses
  • Fixed Focus and f/8 Aperture
  • Multiple and Long Exposure Capability
  • PC Socket for External Flash
  • Inspired by the Original Diana Camera

The teal and black-coloured Lomography Diana Baby 110 Camera with 12mm Lens Kit is a 110 film camera designed to emulate the original Diana toy camera. This small camera features an interchangeable lens design and comes with the normal-length 24mm plastic lens (equivalent to approximately a 48mm lens in the 35mm format) and the wide-angle 12mm plastic lens (equivalent to approximately a 24mm lens in the 35mm format).

This camera is designed to make shooting fun and intuitive due to its limited number of controls, which allow you to focus more on taking images rather than controlling camera settings. A fixed f/8 aperture and fixed focus setting are suitable for most shooting situations and two shutter speed settings (1/100 sec. and bulb) allow for greater creative flexibility in regard to exposure. Additionally, a PC socket is integrated into the design to allow the use of an external flash.

The Diana Baby 110 comes with two backs: the storage back and the film transportation back. The storage back is flush with the contours of the camera body and offers protection to the inside of your camera when no film is loaded. The film transportation back is used during shooting and holds the film in place by way of a swinging pressure plate.

Diana Baby 110 Camera
This camera is a miniature replica of the larger Diana cameras and maintains the same simplicity found in those models. Two shutter speeds are available, 1/100th sec. and bulb, and the aperture and focus setting are fixed.
Multiple and Long Exposures
You can record any number of multiple exposures possible simply by not advancing the film after each exposure. When using the bulb setting, creative long exposures are also possible.
Plastic 24mm and 12mm Diana Lenses
This camera comes with both the normal-length 24mm lens and the wide-angle 12mm lens, which are equivalent to approximately a 48mm and a 24mm lens, respectively, in 35mm format. The plastic construction gives images a soft, dreamy quality that truly defines the “toy camera look.” These lenses are also interchangeable and can be removed mid-roll as long as the shutter is set to the 'N' setting in order to prevent accidental exposure.
PC Connection
A PC socket is built-in to permit the use of an external flash. The flash can be connected directly through the use of a PC cable. For hot shoe-dedicated flashes, an optional PC flash adapter can be used to link the flash with your camera.
110 Film
This small film format offers 24 exposures per roll of film, with each exposure being a 0.5 x 0.5″ / 13 x 13mm square.
Film Transportation and Storage Backs
The film transportation back holds the 110 film cartridge in place with a swinging pressure plate. You can switch films mid-roll by sacrificing a single exposure or by changing cartridges in complete darkness. The storage back provides protection to the inside of the camera when not in use.


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Film Type

110 film

Image Area

0.5 x 0.5″ / 13 x 13 mm

Lens Focal Length

24 mm (35 mm equivalent: Approximately 48mm)
12 mm (35 mm equivalent: Approximately 24 mm)

Lens Construction

Plastic lens



Focus Range

3.3' / 1 m to infinity (with 24 mm lens)
15.75″ / 40 cm to infinity (with 12 mm lens)


f/8 fixed

Shutter Speed

N: 1/100 sec.
B: Bulb


Built-in optical

External Flash Connection

PC socket

Tripod Mount



2.9 x 2 x 1.8″ / 74 x 50 x 45 mm (with storage back)
3.2 x 2 x 2.2″ / 81 x 50 x 56 mm (with film transportation back)


Not specified by manufacturer

Lomography HP620 Diana Baby 110 Camera with 12mm Lens Kit (Teal and Black)
  • 24mm Lens
  • 12mm Lens
  • Film Transportation Back
  • Storage Back
  • Lens Cap
  • Diana Baby 110 Manual
  • Lomography Catalog
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
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