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NETGEAR Meural 15″ Wi-Fi Photo Frame

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With over 30 Years experience In the photographic industry

The technical details behind this WiFi Photo Frame

The Meural WiFi Photo Frame is a 15.6” connected frame that allows you to share special moments privately and securely almost instantly on a beautiful crystal-clear display. Easily upload your phone’s photo collection directly to your pixel-perfect display and invite loved ones to share right to your canvas. Showcase your favourite moments from phone to frame in their fullest, richest detail. The Frame allows you to discover, customize and connect with visual art and photography in your everyday life through the Meural Art Library.

Meural Frame – Showcase your photos, Enjoy Classic Art

Your Passport to the World of Art

Each Meural Frame includes 100 curated images from Meural’s art library. Through the Meural Membership subscription, your Frame can access over 30,000 works of art from the Meural art library. From classic to conceptual and beyond, you will also get premium works from leading partners, exclusive editorials, and more.

Showcase your own work

Easily upload, integrate and feature your own personal artworks or photographs. Make Everyday Different and Special. Curate your photos into personalized playlists and schedule to play at different times of the day or on special occasions.

Meural – Frame Features

Easily take pictures from phone to frame

Share your favourite photos from your phone to your frame seamlessly and effortlessly. Link existing photo albums to your frame for automatic upload and display.

Linked Album Feature

With album linking you can snap a photo, add it to an album on your phone and it will appear on the Meural Photo Canvas, just like magic. No more sending photos by email or text.

3 Simple Steps to Link Albums:

  • Create a photo album in your photos app
  • Link it to the Meural App
  • Done. The meta-data for each photo is also automatically uploaded.

TrueArt Technology

A proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software – customizable features render images lifelike and textured as a museum original.

IPS Anti-glare matte screen

Organically deflects light without distorting hue.

Ambient light sensor

Measures the room’s brightness and automatically adjusts to match. (And puts the Frame to sleep when the room gets dark.)

IOS Love Photo Compatibility

Display any LIVE photo to your Meural Canvas. See your memories in motion. *IOS Devices Only.

Video Playback

Short format videos up to 15 seconds can be played on the frame.


Access your Meural Canvas from anywhere in the world—browse Meural’s art library or upload your own photos, then send them directly to your WiFi-connected frame.

Auto Orientation for the Perfect Fit

Meural will auto-detect frame orientation and auto-crop images. The sturdy collapsible stand also works in both orientations for fuss-free placement. Wall mount included.

Premium Design

Minimal form-factor, Matte finish, Wood Grain trim and a sturdy metal stand is the perfect platform to display your favourite life moments.

Enjoy Art Efficiently

The Meural Canvas is energy efficient – and uses less than half the power of a common light bulb.

Gesture Control

Easy and elegant touchless gesture controls allow you to move through photos with a wave of your hand. Supports both landscape & portrait orientations.

Automatic date & location titling

Location and date information allows to relive your favourite moments and never forget where and when they were captured, viewable on-screen. Reveal the photo details: Location, Date, Camera & Settings (EXIF-metadata).

Perfect size for all Art and Photography

Intelligent auto-cropping images will never show borders on your canvas.

Top three reasons we think you will love this WiFi Photo Frame

  • Beautiful Display
  • Features TrueArt Technology
  • Easy and Elegant touchless gesture controls


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