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NiSi M75-II 75mm Starter Kit with True Colour NC CPL

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With over 30 Years experience In the photographic industry
  • Includes the NiSi M75-II 75mm Filter Holder with True Colour NC CPL, accommodating up to two 75mm wide filters for creative control.
  • Features an innovative True Colour Circular Polarizer to eliminate unwanted reflections and colour casts, enhancing image quality.
  • The holder is crafted from aviation-grade aluminium with a matte black finish, designed for durability and to minimize reflections.
  • Unique rotation wheel design allows for independent CPL adjustment without removing other filters, ensuring efficient workflow.
  • Includes a 6 Stop ND, a 10 Stop ND, and a Medium GND8 filter, covering various lighting conditions and photographic needs.
  • The filters are equipped with NiSi’s Pro Nano Coating for water and oil resistance, and they are easy to clean and maintain clear images.
  • It features a point-to-point CPL Design for quick and secure installation and a unique clip system for easy filter insertion.
  • Includes a specially designed storage pouch and a cleaning cloth, keeping your filters safe, organized, and clean.
  • Designed for compact and mirrorless cameras
  • Great value starter kit for getting started with ND filters and landscape photography

Discover the enhanced NiSi M75-II 75mm Filter Holder Starter Kit, a comprehensive solution for photographers seeking ultimate control over their imagery. This kit includes the highly acclaimed NiSi M75-II 75mm Filter Holder System with True Colour NC CPL and a trio of essential filters to expand your creative potential dramatically.

At the heart of this kit is the NiSi M75-II Filter Holder, celebrated for its precision engineering and innovative features. Designed from aviation-grade aluminium with meticulous CNC machining, the holder boasts a matte black finish to reduce reflections, ensuring your images remain true to life. It accommodates up to two 75mm wide, 2mm thick filters simultaneously with the included True Colour Circular Polarizer Filter, revolutionizing the way you capture the world.

The addition of three indispensable filters further enhances the kit:

  • A 6-stop ND Filter for extended exposure times in bright conditions, allowing you to capture smooth water and cloud movements without overexposure.
  • A 10-stop ND Filter, ideal for very long exposure photography, enabling you to render bustling scenes into serene landscapes.
  • A Medium GND8 (3-stop) Graduated Neutral Density Filter, perfect for balancing exposure between the sky and foreground, delivering uniformly exposed images even in challenging lighting.

To ensure your filters remain in pristine condition, the kit includes a durable Storage Pouch designed for easy organization and transport of your filter system. Additionally, we’ve included a Cleaning Cloth and a clever cleaner, specifically formulated to keep your filters free from fingerprints, dust, and smudges without risking any damage.

The NiSi M75-II 75mm Filter Holder Starter Kit includes:

  • NiSi M75-II 75mm Filter Holder with True Colour NC CPL, enabling independent rotation of the CPL for unparalleled polarizing effects.
  • Three professional-grade filters: 6 Stop ND, 10 Stop ND, and Medium GND8, offering a versatile range of exposure control and creative possibilities.
  • A specialized Storage Pouch for secure and organized storage of your filter system.
  • A Cleaning Cloth and Cleaver Cleaner ensures your filters and lenses remain clean for the clearest possible images.

With this starter kit, photographers can effortlessly adapt to varying lighting conditions, achieve long exposure effects, and balance challenging exposures. It’s an ideal set for landscape, seascape, and architectural photography, where precision and flexibility are paramount. Embrace the full potential of your creativity with the NiSi M75-II 75mm Filter Holder Starter Kit, your all-in-one solution for advanced photographic expression.

Some APS-C Lenses at 10mm may have a slight vignetting, but they usually disappear at 11mm.

Additional adapter rings for 40.5mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, and 62mm are sold separately.


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