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Novoflex BALPRO 1 Universal Bellows for all Camera Systems

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With over 30 Years experience In the photographic industry
  • Universal macro bellows allow you to get small with your creative photography and videography and enlarge tiny objects with existing lenses
  • Large enough to accommodate any camera with interchangeable lenses from 35mm to medium format style cameras
  • Extensive collection of lens and camera mounting adapters allows hundreds of camera and lens combinations to be used (adapters not included)
  • Minimum Extension Range:40mm, Maximum Extension
  • Range: 192mm for versatile macro magnification values
  • Add NOVOFLEX Auto Reversing Rings for complete data transfer between camera and lens (Auto Reversing Rings are not available for all camera models and allow only the same system lenses to be used)

A universal bellows unit, the BALPRO 1 Universal Bellows from Novoflex allows the use of most medium format cameras 6×7 cm and smaller (only with focal-plane shutters) as well as most 35mm system cameras(digital OR film).

Except for the Canon EOS system, you’ll need 2 or 4 adapters in addition to this bellows to use the system; medium format camera systems require one adapter to connect the lens to the bellows and one to connect the bellows to the camera.  Systems based on 35mm camera designs (except for Canon EOS) require 4 pieces; the APRO & PROLEI adapters plus a lens-system-to-bellows adapter and a bellows-to-camera adapter. The Canon EOS system requires 3 additional pieces but also has the unique distinction of retaining all aperture communications between the camera and the lens.  All of the combinations are listed here as recommended accessories alphabetically by a camera system, with the bellows-to-camera adapter first and the lens-to-bellows adapter next.

Thanks to a complete system of adapters, combining different lens and camera systems is entirely possible.  So you can not only combine most medium format lenses but also nearly all KB lenses or special lenses with camera bodies in each size up to the 6×7 format.  Novoflex even has three large-format-type lenses which permit infinity focus.

The BALPRO1 features a long Arca-type quick-release base that fits into any Arca-type quick-release mechanism, and three 1/4-20″ & 3/8″-16 threads upon the base.


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