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Phottix 5-in-1 Premium 120cm Reflector with Handles

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Phottix Reflector 5in1 120cm w/Handles

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With over 30 Years experience In the photographic industry

Phottix 5-in-1 Premium 120cm Reflector with Handles

  • Gold bounce panel gives a fabulous sunny day warm glow, excellent for portrait work
  • Silver bounce panel provides a high contrast reflective bounce, pumping in more light to increase highlights
  • White bounce panel creates a bright, natural second light for filling in and creating highlights
  • Black panel absorbs light and does not allow reflection; it is suitable for blocking sunlight or window light that may create unwanted shadows, hot spots or highlights
  • Translucent white panel is designed to diffuse light and minimizes bright sunlight and shadows while softening the output of light

The 5-in-1 Premium 47″ Reflector with Handles from Phottix features handles for an easy grip in two positions, making it easy to use and position an assistant.  The reflector comes in 5 included colors: Gold, Silver, White, Black, and Translucent. Suitable for studio or outdoor use; it is a great tool for when taking portraits, still life, close-ups, nature, product, digital and film photography as well for use in video applications. This reflector assists with lighting control in a really neat and simple way. It folds and collapses, making it portable and easy to store in its carrying case.


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Dimensions (L x W x H)

47.2 x 47.2 x 0.59″ (120 x 120 x 1.5 cm)


2.57 lb (1.16 kg)

Phottix 5-in-1 Premium 120cm Reflector with Handles

  • 5 x Changeable Color Panel
  • Carrying Bag
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