Phottix Boom Arm for Light Stand 160cm

  • Fully adjustable through 180 degrees
  • Reversible 3/8" 1/4" threaded stud
  • Attachment point for sandbags

The Phottix Light Stand Boom Arm with Sandbag 160 cm is fully adjustable through 180 degrees and features a reversible 3/8" 1/4" threaded stud.

Product Features in Detail

Attachable to light stands
You can firmly mount lighting equipment by using the boom arm and the sandbag with a light stand. With the sandbag as counterweight, the light head will not fall off.

Bring light closer to the subject
The boom arm allows flexibility in finding the perfect angle for the light. You or somebody else can handle the equipment exactly where you want it to create stunning effects.

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