SmallRig Standard Arri Dovetail 1501

Price: $169.00


SmallRig Standard Arri Dovetail 1501 provides plenty of direct mounting points for sorts of camera rigs, and makes a less cumbersome but more affordable connection between camera and plate.

This 8’’ Arri standard dovetail 1501 is made of aluminium alloy, with hard anodized surface. It is quite robust and lightweight.
There is a safety latch and a stopper screw at each end, with threaded holes of various sizes, 2 arrays of weight reduction slots, chamfering ends and corners.
The 8’’ plate is with a well-measured length. It is absolutely perfect for different cameras’ balancing and adjusting along the Arri dovetail plate.

Key Features:
1. Easy to grip
2. Mounted and dismounted quickly and easily
3. Threaded holes provide plenty of attachment points


Net Weight: 238g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy


Whats in the box

Package Includes:
1 x Arri Plate