Review(s) for Steiner Military 3-15x50mm MSR Ret Rifle Scope

Wicked scope Steiner! Mick : I've had total accuracy on this scope up to about 900 meters! The glass is clear and the scope feels durable and strong. I'm sold just on the solid clicks alone and add to that the elevation and windage turrets which make adjustments easier without needing to look away from your target. I was impressed with the salesmans knowledge too! Very happy customer.
Third Scope and Counting HandyDandy : I now have three scopes from Steiner and can't complain. Perfect for hunting, chrystal clear glass and precise aiming at about 1000 meters makes this one perfect and better than previous brands I tried.
Defo clear scope RicketyRob : I bought the 3x15 from these guys at camera house for my rimfire 25y with parallax adjustment and i am not disappointed. Agreed with the other comments I read about the precision glass, feels like Steiner have really made their mark in optics with this new range, definitely with the 3-15.

Review(s) for Steiner Discovery 8x44 Binoculars

Delightful Robert Dimartino : yet again i've bought a pair of binoculars manufactured by Steiner and yet again i'm impressed. This time round they've made some changes which make a big difference! Starting with the magnesium alloy barrels which have been overlaid with strong rubber armour which feels comfortable and finishing with superb super still clear vision at long distances. Was really happy with Lidio's help as he knew a lot about binoculars and i'm glad I took his advice. Rob

Review(s) for Mitakon Zhongyi 50mm f/0.95 Lens

Not the sharpest tool in the shed but a good bokeh Rikitah : Bought this lens as good value for money and not disappointed. First series of pictures have turned out with surprising but good results. Cheers for the help guys!
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