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Swarovski EL 10X42 WB Binocular

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Swarovski EL 10X42 WB Binocular

Perfect long-range optics Savoring the moment at any time and in any place. Thanks to their perfect ergonomic design and unparalleled user-friendliness, EL binoculars turn even long periods of observation into intense pleasure. At the same time, the new FieldPro package helps by making the binoculars comfortably easy to use in every respect. This latest generation of the proven EL Family from SWAROVSKI OPTIK combines future-oriented technologies with master craftsmanship, thus continuing the proud tradition of EL binoculars.

Perfect complement – the new FieldPro package The new FieldPro package has enabled SWAROVSKI OPTIK to enhance the EL Family in terms of comfort and functionality. The new rotating strap connector with a cord adapts perfectly to any movement. The bayonet catch enables you to fit and switch the carrying strap and accessories very quickly and flexibly. With a simple turn of its practical quick catch button you can rapidly and silently adjust the carrying strap to the right length. The objective lens covers blend esthetically into the overall design and also remain securely attached to the binoculars thanks to the innovative connector. The focusing wheel can also be used more easily, thanks to its softer, fully armored, and more slip-resistant design. The diopter adjustment’s new lock function ensures that your personal settings cannot be changed.

Brilliantly innovative – proven SWAROVISION technology Being able to recognize crucial details is key when birding and observing wildlife. Thanks to field flattener lenses, HD optics, high-quality coatings, and perfect eye relief, SWAROVISION technology guarantees crystal-clear, color-true images without any interfering color fringing, in other words, a high-contrast, lifelike picture with razor-sharp contours. The EL Family has also successfully combined the largest possible field of view with a total edge-to-edge-sharp image to produce a perfect optical performance. This not only fully benefits eyeglass wearers, but is also a crucial success factor in a rapidly changing viewing situation and poor light conditions. The facility for separately adjusting the twist-in eyecups offers the best possible optical quality for everyone. 

Ergonomics and design: handy and elegant Our desire is to ensure that every detail of the EL binoculars makes viewing an extremely pleasant experience. This is also achieved with the legendary EL wrap-around grip, an original design by SWAROVSKI OPTIK, which is impressive in terms of the unparalleled comfort it provides, even when used for long periods. The EL wrap-around grip allows you to observe with a steadier grip and to effortlessly use the binoculars in any situation – even if you are only holding them in one hand. The focusing wheel, which is both non-slip and solid, is also outstanding for its maximum user-friendliness and a unique close-up focus: with just two rotations, you can adjust the binoculars from a close-up setting of just 1.5 m (EL 42) to infinity. The mechanism operates with the same accuracy even in the toughest weather conditions. The revamped design focuses on new aspects and improves functionality in terms of everyday use. 

EL 42 – The impressive, multipurpose binoculars EL 42 binoculars combine size, weight, and optical performance to give the perfect product. They also have a unique close-up setting of 1.5 m – ideal for observing nature in a wide variety of situations. These versatile binoculars are a dream to handle and are ready for use both during the day and early twilight. They are available with an 8.5x and 10x magnification.


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Swarovski EL 10×42 SwaroVision Binocular
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