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Must-Have GoPro Accessories

Whether you’re filming or photographing out on the water, on the bike or with both feet planted firmly on the ground – a GoPro camera will help you capture every second in crystal clear vision.

GoPro may be a camera that’s small in size but it’s big on features and fun. As with most technology these days, there are accessories galore to make sure you capture every angle and every bit of action. So, how do you filter out the nice-to-have versus the must-have GoPro accessories? Keep reading, we’ve done all the hard work for you and narrowed down everything you need for your chosen adventure.

GoPro accessories checklist

On and under the water

Supersuit/Waterproof Case – While the new GoPro HERO 9 camera is already waterproof right out of the box, the protective housing lets you dive a little deeper (down to 60m) without any issues. 

Floaty – Whether it’s the protective floaty housing that fits around the GoPro or a handle that floats, giving your GoPro camera some buoyancy on the water is a wise move. The new HERO 9 floaty comes in bright orange so it’s easy to spot out on the water.   

Surf Expansion Kit – Whatever type of board, boat or kayak you’re on the water with, you’ll need a proper mounting kit. The GoPro Surf Expansion Kit comes with a range of gear to give you maximum holding strength in the water.  

Red Filter – If you spend a lot of time under the water and your videos aren’t quite popping off the screen try a red filter. Sliding on the red lens helps to colour correct your videos and enhance the tropical colours of fish and coral.

Adventures on land

Karma Grip – The GoPro Karma Grip allows you to easily capture smooth, sweeping footage. It has a built-in battery and simple controls. The Karma Grip can also be removed and mounted on other Karma products.   

Media Mod – Capturing the sights are one thing, but if you want to capture the sounds while you hurtle along the Media Mod will do the trick. The multi-directional mic will suppress the wind and is weather resistant. 

Dual Battery Charger – If you want to be ultra prepared and save valuable time, you’ll want GoPro’s dual battery charger. Being able to charge two 1720mAh batteries at the same time means you’ll never miss a thing. 

Tripod/Grip – There are a heap of tripod options for the GoPro camera and no matter what you’re filming a tripod is a must-have accessory. There is one piece of equipment that does it all. The GoPro 3-Way Grip/Arm/Tripod can be a normal grip, an extendable arm and a tripod all in one.

GoPro accessories for anywhere 

GoPro Smart Remote –The GoPro Smart Remote is waterproof, wearable on the wrist and mountable. You can adjust settings, mark moments while recording and switch camera functions all with the click of a button. The GoPro Smart Remote lets you control up to 50 cameras at the same time.

GoPro LED LightIf you need to brighten up the atmosphere or create a more professional video, add a LED light. These lights easily connect with an integrated GoPro mount.

GoPro Suction Mount This universal suction mount can attach to cars, boats… pretty much any object with a flat surface. It has been tested to withstand speeds of over 240 Kph. It also comes with a quick release so you can move fast between shots.  

There are hundreds of GoPro accessories available and while you won’t need to use all of them, having a few essentials will help you capture some amazing shots. There are so many great places to film in WA, so if you want to find out more about GoPro and the full range of GoPro accessories contact the team at Leederville Cameras.

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