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TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme)

You can claim the GST back!

The conditions are

  • Goods are purchased 60 days before departure from Australia
  • Your total purchases must be a minimum of $300. This can be accumulated to equal $300 over multiple transactions. So as an example, you can buy a camera for $249, and then purchase an accessory for this at a different time, as long as both receipts have the date showing 60 days before departure, you can claim the GST back on the whole amount.
  • You will need a GST invoice with your goods, which will be provided with all products purchased from us, in-store and online.
  • The goods must be presented and shown at the TRS counter, so they will need to be in your hand luggage. If you are purchasing a camera and a case, you do not need to carry the box with you, you can open it all up, set up the camera and keep it in its case and you will still be able to claim the GST back.
  • If you are paying with a gift voucher, you cannot claim the GST back on this.

Where do I claim the GST from?

You can claim the GST at any TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme) facility. These are located at every international airport or the cruise liner terminal of some seaports.

How much time should I allow to claim the GST back?

It is recommended to allow around 30 minutes before your departure.

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