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Tripods were invented to assist photographers in being able to effectively maintain a still image for long exposures or to be included in the photograph before selfies became all the rage. The extensive and impressive collection of Tripods in the Leederville Cameras range covers all the top brands such as Beike, Cinetics, Giottos, Gitzo, Joby, Manfrotto, Optex, Slik, Sol, Vanguard and Velbon.

Flashes have been used for many years by photographers to artificially illuminate a location in an instant. In fact, various flash settings can produce light at even 1/1000 of a second! You can mount a flash directly to a tripod or to a grip and to your DSLR camera. Most CSC cameras have a built in flash.

Leederville Cameras stock a very wide range of different flashes and will greet you with a smile in the Oxford Street Store and inform you of the various options so that you don’t walk away with the wrong flash.

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