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Guide to Online and In-store Photo Printing

Have you got a keen interest in photography? Maybe you’ve captured some memorable moments on your camera or phone. Don’t let those amazing shots sit in your never-to-see-again storage, instead get your photos turned into digital prints, posters, canvas or metal art.

Like any visual masterpiece, there are tips and techniques to get the best results. So, to help you create something special, here’s our guide to online and in-store photo printing.

What are your Photo Printing Options?

Digital Photo Prints

Digital photo prints are the most common type of photo printing. You can upload your high-resolution files, choose between matte or glossy finishes and even opt for custom dimensions. With just a few clicks, you can have your prints done and delivered straight to your door.

If you’re a little unsure about online technology or you prefer a tactile experience, you can head in store and get advice from a real photography expert (that means going to a specialist photography store). You can feel the paper quality before you print or get advice on what paper is best suited to your subject matter.

Canvas Wall Art

family photo

Canvas prints turn your photographs into pieces of art. You may want canvas artwork to compliment your home’s decor or as a professional display in your workspace. Similar to digital prints, you can crop and adjust your image however you like. There are several sizes in portrait and landscape to choose from. 

While the online printing tool will give you a clear picture of the final product,   you may find a broader array of customisation options in store. The printing experts can explain the canvas textures, border types and mounting choices. Remember, using a professional printer that offers high-quality canvas will ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your print.

Metal Prints

Metal Prints

Metal prints create a stand-out feature in any space. They are also strong enough to stand the test of time. We use a product called ChromaLuxe which delivers a high-def finish that is scratch resistant, UV resistant and waterproof. When you order online you will see examples of the clarity of the colours that you can achieve on a metal print.

One of the differences between metal printing and canvas or posters is the texture of the surface. Some people may want to come in store and feel the surface of the metal or see how the light reflects off the print.  

Poster Prints

Display boards

Poster prints are your best bet when you want to go big. Online, you can easily navigate through different sizes and paper types, making it ideal for quick and hassle-free ordering. However, the one downfall might be the potential for grainy or pixelated prints if your original image isn’t high-quality.

In-store services mitigate this risk by allowing you to consult with professionals who can immediately advise you on the suitability of your image for large-format printing. Often, there will be samples of the paper quality and finish, helping you decide which option best suits your needs.

Business Printing

Business Card

It’s so easy to get your business printing done online. Everything from magnetic prints to desktop calendars and business cards are all just a click away. You can add your professional logo or create your own design using the easy online design tool. Then just sit back while everything is delivered to your door. There are so many options for sizes and quantities, it’s perfect whether you’re a sole trader wanting to spend a little or a large corporation needing a range of marketing material.

If you want to talk to the professionals about printing of any kind, contact the experts at Leederville Cameras. We have all the latest printing machinery to ensure the highest quality prints and our online ordering system makes it quick and easy to get what you need. 

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can call us, email or come in store to 201 Oxford Street,  Leederville and get advice for your printing project.

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