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Hahnel Captur Pro & IR Module Remote

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With over 30 Years experience In the photographic industry

hahnel Captur Pro Module

  • Light, Sound, Laser, and IR Sensors
  • Capture Time-Lapses, High-Speed, & More
  • Programmable Timed Sequences
  • Shutter Release Button
  • Auxiliary Port for Additional Sensors
  • Digital Channel Matching
  • Connects Wirelessly with Captur System
  • Wireless Range of up to 328′
  • Runs on 2 AA Batteries

Using a variety of sensors and programming, the Captur Pro Module from Hahnel can set up your camera to take time-lapse photos, capture high speed objects, shoot wildlife when it walks into view, and more. It comes with light and sound sensors, works with lasers, and a dedicated IR module is included. Also, it has an auxiliary port for attaching additional sensors. The shutter release can be programmed for timed sequences and capture modes, including AF, single and continuous shooting, and bulb. Digital Channel Matching allows for fast wireless connection of up to 328′ with a Captur system.

The Captur Pro Module will work wirelessly with the Captur system (available separately) or it can be directly connected to a camera with a 2.5mm release cable, available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus/Panasonic (also available separately).

Light captures sudden changes in light levels which is ideal for lightning and fireworks. It can be set to trigger the camera or flash when the light level goes above or below a certain level.
Sound sensor will trigger a camera or flash when it detects a sound, such as glass shattering or a balloon popping.
Laser sensor works with an optional pointer to detect when something breaks the beam. Useful for things like water droplets.
IR sensor can be set to trigger when something breaks the beam which is useful for wildlife and sports photography as well as water droplets.
Time-lapse photography can be programmed for taking multiple photographs over a long period of time.
Long exposures can be set with timing set in bulb mode of certain cameras.
Shutter release button with autofocus, single and continuous shooting, and bulb mode support.
Connects wirelessly to camera with the use of separately available Captur system.
Connects directly to a camera with a release cable. Specific cables are separately available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Olympus/Panasonic.


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2.4 GHz


328′ (100 m)


2.5 mm output


2 x AA batteries

hahnel Captur Pro Module
  • IR Module
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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